Sunday, 3 August 2014

Final Submission

     So here we are, finished. It felt like it never would be at points but we've reached the other end and our project is now, hopefully, in the hands of the Off The Map panel to be judged. We've put our all into it and I think we all hope that what we've produced is worthy of the source material we've been working from. I'm going to keep this short but before I showcase the final renders I'd just like to say on behalf of the team what a great time we've had on this project, we've produced a level we are all proud of and something we've learned a lot from moving forward onto our our next projects. If you've been following the blog since the beginning we'd like to thank you as well as all those who have offered their support and help across the duration of the project but without further a do here is our final flythrough followed by our final renders of our level Dracula's Whitby.

The Flying Buttress

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