Friday, 25 July 2014

Crypt Comparison

     Now I've named this post Crypt Comparison to keep a continuity between this and the two precursor post however there isn't a comparison to be made as Whitby does not have a crypt. So the familiar process of showcasing what exists before following with what we've done in our entry isn't quite going to work unless you're happy to look at a handful of soil photos to begin with. No, we'll take a different approach to the third and final entry in this wee series.

     So as I've said there is no crypt so why do we have one? We were first inspired by this story, BBC News, and we really wanted to bring an element of this into our level and alongside this during our research into both Gothic architecture and literature we felt that a quintessential element of these was a crypt or catacomb. Between these two we felt we could bring something that was not only really cool, creepy and more importantly Gothic but also a totally unique aspect that will hopefully be part of what makes our level memorable for people.

     For reference we looked at a lot of English cathedrals and collect a wide variety of crypts and catacombs to draw inspiration from. They also gave us a good ides of how to fit the crypt into our Whitby to make it feel more natural in the existing environment as well as create an architectural continuity between the existing abbey and our crypt. Below is a selection of what we looked at.

Winchester Cathedral Crypt with Gormley sculpture.

Winchester Cathedral Crypt

Our Level:

To achieve this we went through various iterations of technical solutions to try and achieve the best possible effect in this area. Firstly we had problems with light coming through the terrain and effecting the underground area to counter this we tried to use a 2 sided material on the terrain, 2 sided material on all of the meshes underneath the terrain, tried using VisArea's to stop the light leaking through and finally we ended up creating designer all around the underground area so that the sunlight wouldn't affect the crypt or tunnel. Through out trying all these various things to simply stop the light from going through the terrain we found that using VisArea's worked but were extremely buggy as we may have talked about before on the blog. In the end the performance improvement VisAreas provided wasn't enough to warrant using them especially after finding that the most efficient way of blocking the light out was surrounding the underground in designer. Other technical things we had to work out were the animation and the reflection which we have documented (Animation and Reflection)

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