Saturday, 12 July 2014

The Crypt Statue

     We wanted the crypt to contrast with what's earlier in our level so while the clifftop and cloister are fairly dramatic with the storm and wind pushing the player across the clifftop we wanted the crypt to be silent, still and uneasy. While the colour played a large part of projecting this tone we knew we needed something else to really nail the atmosphere of the crypt. Within Gothic literature a lot of the unease of the books comes from the uncanny elements of the narrative and we felt this was the angle we need to approach this challenge from. Eventually we settled on the idea of a statue with a different reflection something that while not immediately noticeable once the player gets close and realises this will hopefully let the unease set in and drive them to continue through the level.

      When we started looking n to how to do this we initially thought it be a lot harder to do then it turned out to be. In Cryengine we were able to simply flip a copy of the geometry of the crypt upside down. With the geometry in place all we had to do was make the floor slightly transparent to create the illusion of a reflection. Does that make sense? No, a diagram may help I suspect.

     That help? Good stuff, With the "reflection" of the crypt in place we added the two statues, the normal one fr the crypt side and the spooky one for the reflection. I think pretty much from the initial point we decided on using the statue concept we were sure that the reflection would be a skeleton, after all is there anything that much more unnerving than a skeleton? Below you can see both iterations of our crypt statue.


     We feel the statue and it's effect makes the crypts stand out against the rest of the level creating a unique identity for it. While relatively easy to implement into Cryengine it's had a large effect on the crypt's uneasy atmosphere and has really pushed the uncanny and Gothic tones of the level as a whole. The statue also represents a more fantastical element of our environment and for a lot of the early development process we were a tad timid when it came to creating a Gothic atmosphere. To me at least this represents a moment within the group when we were more comfortable with the theme and really began play around with some more fun and experimental ideas and ultimately this led to what I feel is one of the stronger features of our entry.



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