Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Cloister Comparison

     As a team we had a lot of fun redesigning the cloister during the project. As we gathered reference of Whitby's cloister we felt it was a blank canvas just waiting for us to come along and create something new from it and I feel our end result is instantly recognisable to it's real counterpart but with the changes we've made really heightens the Gothic tones of the enclosure. Before tucking into the rest of the post I'll remind you as to how the Cloister is.

     Like I said, we felt the cloister as it is was just waiting to be enhanced and the best way to create the Gothic feeling we wanted was to downsize the cloister area and upscale the features within it such as the mansion, the gatehouse and the statue to make the layer feel very small in this area. To add to this we replaced the rather plain gravel with the foliage to continue the overgrown aesthetics of the level and create a continuity between the clifftop and interior spaces in respect to the foliage. As such the cloister is a crossing area of sorts between the exterior plants and interior ones. Another changed we made was the addition of the arches around the perimeter we hoped that the shadows created by them wold create a sense of unease and also perhaps a little mystery as to where they led and of course within these arches lies the path towards the crypt and ultimately the Abbey.

     I feel as a team we really struck a great balance between our artist liberties to what exist today so the scene still remains instantly recognisable to anyone familiar with Whitby. The changes we have made however efficiently and effectively heightens the Gothic atmosphere the player experiences in the enclosure. In the end the cloister has become perhaps one of my favourite areas within our level and I thinks shows off some of our best artistic decisions in terms of tone and aesthetic for example that we have made over the course of the project.


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