Friday, 27 June 2014

Game City Presentation

     On Thursday we had the fantastic opportunity to present our level at the ninth launch of Game City Nottingham which myself (Ewan), Ben, Elliott and Katie attended. We had a five minutes slot in which we discussed the various decisions that we've made during the course of the project.

     One aspect we focused on was the artistic liberties and judgments we've made through out the level such as the implementation of colours and forms and in the case of the cloister and crypt why we made the decision to change preexisting areas or non existent in the latter's case. We also discussed how we utilised our colour palette to tell the narrative we wanted the player experience as they progressed through the level.

     The second area we really talked about was the technical elements of the level and how we were able to use Cryengine to realise our vision in engine. We touched on the terrain editor and colour graphing and how these tools helped us to achieve the artistic quality we're aiming for.

      The night allowed us an opportunity to step back and see the level in full  and what remains to be done and with a bit over a month left that list is looking relatively short now. There are some new assets that need to be exported into engine and some general polish in areas but the only major hurdle that remains is to finally sort out our vista. Within the week we'll hopefully have a small update for you with some new renders of the level as it stands in it's current iteration. for you 


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