Sunday, 27 April 2014

Paint overs and Colour

     After our Easter review we realised we had to make some serious changes to the mood of our level. It also needed to have more of a story to it. Ben and I went ahead and did some paintovers of the level after receiving our review and critique. Sadly we were unable to match the mood of our key image with that of the mood in engine. The level just didn't have that eerie haunting feel we were after. We decided to change the colour scheme and time of day of the level.

     Here is the paint over I did of the exterior shot. I looked at games like the new Thief and looked back at Dear Esther to see how they executed mood in their environments. We felt that adding a broken fence on the left side would keep the player from wandering to far off and it added some more visual interest. We also made the decision to reduce the warmth and colour of the lanterns throughout most of the level and changed it to more of a white/ yellow light. This kept the environment feeling quite cold whilst also being lit. Colour and light were going to be key in order to keep the player in suspense. It was also very important for us to try and replicate the skies conveyed in some of Andreas Achenbach's paintings.

     Here is a paintover of the cloister and tunnel that Ben did. We have since added benches and grass growing from between the concrete. Again the cold blues have ereased any feeling of warmth we had in our previous cloister.

     For the crypt, we again decided to remove most of the warmth from the candles and give the environment a haunting, sickly green colour. I looked at a scene from Amnesia as reference for the colour. As the crypt was quite bare I decided to clutter it more. I think the inclusion of cobwebs, bones, broken floor tiles, coffins and scattered bones worked.

     Feeling the need for more of a story to our level, we wanted to hint a Dracula's presence somehow. From an illustration prvided to us with the brief, we liked the idea of seeing Dracula's ship in the distence slowly approaching the town of Whitby. I also presented the idea of possibly having a silhouette of Dracula in the abbey interior. With that in mind the others showed me a clip from Dear Esther which was quite scary and which we have since decided to attempt something similar.

     Here are Ben's paintover of the interior. As a majority of the level feels quite eerire and cold we wanted to have an area of rest where the player briefly feels safe before being thrown back into the fear. The altar at the end of the abbey was going to be the ending of the level and so Ben looked at how the colours might contrast, making it a clear area of interest from anywhere inside the Abbey.



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