Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Concepting II

     In order to convey the appropriate mood, the sky and clouds were going to be of huge importance. We decided to look at old master artists like Andréa’s Achenbach and Oswald Achenbach and how they made effective use of the skies in their paintings. We also made sure to keep the illustrations provided to us with the brief as a basis for what we were trying to achieve. 

     The image below became our key image in terms of mood, lighting and colours. We hope to use this image as a reference if we stray to far from our initial idea.

     We considered constructing the abbey before it became ruined but then decided to return to our original idea of having it a crumbling overgrown ruin. We looked at the works of Turner and Constable and how they portrayed ruins.

     A big issue we came across was that from the player start point,it was hard to get across that you were situated on a Cliffside. Ben did a very quick paint over of one of our concepts and added in a cliff face.  We tried to keep as close to the Whitby area as possible but for the player’s sake and for visual interest, we had to make some adjustments by cutting into the terrain and showing a visible cliff face.

     Lighting was another big issue as the exterior of the abbey had to have large cumulonimbus clouds making the surrounding environment feel quite haunting while the interior had to look and feel more beautiful, to be a place of solitude from the coming storm. We felt that adding a green tint to the sky would make the world feel more haunting, which would then affect the surrounding environment. Having swirling clouds was also going to push that feeling of “gothicness”. We are currently still tweaking the lighting and trying to find the right balance after having received critique from our peers and tutors. We made sure to have the foliage that you would find on a Cliffside in our level. Plants like long grass, heather bushes and wind swept trees.


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