Wednesday, 5 March 2014


     Hello, and welcome to our blog! We are Flying Buttress and here you'll be able to follow our progress in the Off The Map contest for 2014. We are producing a level based around the Whitby Abbey brief incorporating elements and themes from Dracula as well as other works of Gothic literature. over the next while we'll be gathering our research and beginning to concept our ideas and begin to update here with how we're progressing. The team consists of Ben Mowson, Elliott Pacel, Finn McAvinchey, Katie Hallaron, Kit Grande and myself, Ewan Couper. We thought we'd use this post as an opportunity to introduce ourselves before the project gets going.

     Hi, I’m Ben and I specialise in 3D art. Before starting the course, my interests were in fine art, and incorporating this into games has been an ambition of mine since starting. I have a real interest in producing 3D assets for games and especially sculpting higher poly models. Alongside, this, I will continue to improve my fundamental 2D skills alongside this project.  I have a real passion for literature, so I am very pleased with the project theme.

     Hi I’m Elliott, I am an aspiring 3D and Technical Artist. I am really looking forward to this project, as it’s the first time I will have used CryEngine, and getting the chance to work in a team to develop something visually awesome.

     I'm Ewan and I'm really eager to get started with the brief. Over the past couple of years on the course I've been developing my skills in 3D modelling mostly focusing on environments and props. I have high hopes for this project and am really looking forward to what we're able to produce and what we'll learn during it's development.

     I'm Finn. I'm currently studying to become a concept artist in the entertainment industry. For this project I will be in charge of a majority of the concepting and will be providing the team with numerous concepts and orthographical drawings from the beginning to the end of the project. I will also being creating some of the smaller 3D assets as the project progresses. I love working as part of a team, helping to solve various design problems and presenting the group with fresh ideas.     

I’m Kit, I’m a technically minded 3D artist with a passion for classical art, games and culture I’m focusing on environment art at this time but I’m keen to learn and experience as many things as possible. I’m looking forward to exploring and experimenting with CryEngine to create an interesting interactive and stunning environment.

     Hey, I’m Katie. I can’t wait to get stuck into this project; I’m a huge fan of art, history and culture and enjoy keeping my hand in both 2D and 3D production work. The ‘Off The Map’ competition ties all of these things together so I think it is a fantastic opportunity. Our group has some big ideas already, it will be great to turn our concepts into an interactive experience!

     Hopefully you'll now know us a little better as we go into the competition, stick around for frequent updates about our progress and insights into our work. We'll be looking at any issues that come around and how we've overcome them as well as stuff we may learn and experience. thank you for reading and we'll see you next time.

Flying Buttress

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